Permissions allows server owners to give players unique abilities and benefits on their servers.

Administering permissions is easy; simply enter the desired command and you're done! If your server does not have a console, you can use any compatible RCON tool or remote console to send the commands to the server. Most Oxide-supported games also support the permission commands in the chat, or will soon.

For this guide, the permission epicstuff.use will be used as an example. Keep in mind that permissions only exist if provided by a plugin or Oxide itself.

By default, the groups that are created by Oxide are: admin and default. These can be changed by editing those under the oxide.config.json file. The admin group will automatically be assigned to players that are recognized as admin (via ownerid) by the server. The "default" group will automatically be assigned to ALL players that connect to the server.


Grant a permission to an individual player

oxide.grant user Wulf epicstuff.use

Revoke a permission from an individual player

oxide.revoke user Wulf epicstuff.use

Show a player's permissions user Wulf

Showing which player or group has a permission

Sometimes this command is helpful when tracking down who has a permission. perm epicstuff.use


Grant a permission to an entire group

oxide.grant group admin epicstuff.use

Revoke a permission from a group

oxide.revoke group admin epicstuff.use

Adding a player to an existing group

Adding a player to a group will give them all of the permissions assigned to that group.

oxide.usergroup add Wulf admin

Removing a player from an existing group

Removing a player from a group will remove from them all of the permissions assigned to that group.

oxide.usergroup remove Wulf admin

Adding an entirely new group add vip add vip VIP 0

Removing an existing group remove vip

Setting the title or rank of a group

The group title is usually a short description of a group, sometimes used for chat titles. The rank is a number which sorts a group based on its importance. set vip "[VIP Member]" set vip "[VIP Member]" 1

Setting the parent group of another group

A group will inherit all permissions from its parent group. parent admin default

Showing a group's members and permissions group admin

Showing all groups or permissions

To show all of the permission groups, simple use the command below. groups

The show all of the registered permissions from plugins and Oxide, use the command below. perms

Using wildcards

A wildcard is something that covers multiple things at once time. For permissions, this is the * symbol. You can use the wildcard (*) to grant multiple permissions at one time. This can be done with all permissions or per plugin based on prefix.

oxide.grant group admin *
oxide.grant user Wulf oxide.*


The same commands are also available with the "o." prefix (ex. "o.grant").

That's the basics to permissions for Oxide. Permissions give you a fantastic way to manage staff without worrying about them abusing powers from the game's admin functionality (such as flight, noclip, super speed, etc.) so they can still enjoy the game but also help monitor your server at the same time.