Getting Help


Please search through existing resources before asking for help or creating a new thread.

  1. Search the documentation provided
  2. Search the forums for answers

Plugin and extensions

If an issue is undocumented or unreported:

  1. Visit the resource page and click the help button.
  2. Create a new thread in that resource's forum category.

Site and platform

For general questions or help with the site and/or platform, please use our General Support forum.

No support guarantee

The following disclaimer applies to free and open-source plugins/extensions available on

This is a community-supported site, which means that support is given at the discretion of others in the community and you are not guaranteed a response.

Most free plugins are maintained and supported voluntarily without compensation. Do not expect instant support or free support for open-source resources. Because plugins are open-source, any developer can review the code and potentially answer questions, however that does not mean that every developer is familiar with every plugin.

It can take considerable effort for a developer familiarize themselves with a particular plugin that they did not write. If you want better support from developers, consider donating to them.