Plugins - Getting Started

Plugins are self-contained bits of code which modify game server behavior.

Code files

Plugins are code files distributed as CSharp (C#) files and will have a .cs file extension.

Installing a code file

More information about installing plugins may be found at Plugins - Installation.

Configuring a plugin

Many plugins generate a JSON configuration file that a server administrator may use to change how the plugin works.

More information about configuring plugins may be found at Plugins - Configuration.

Plugin permissions

Many plugins have permissions which must be assigned in order to use plugin features.

More information about access control may be found at Plugins - Permissions.

Plugin commands

Many plugins have commands that may be used by players or server administrators. Not every game will have both console commands and chat commands (check Game Support for availability of commands). By default commands should be available by console and in-game.

Console commands

A console command is a command which is run from...

  1. In-game console (if game has one)
  2. Server application window (if platform supports it)
  3. RCON console (if game supports RCON)

Chat commands

Chat commands are prefixed with a / and run by players using in-game chat.

For example: /help