Streamline development, distribution, and protection of your premium plugins

Unlimited Products

There's no limit to the amount of awesomeness you can share, just try to be unique and make sure to support them.

Monthly Payouts

Automatically receive 80% of your product sales earned each month by connecting a free, verified PayPal merchant account.

Code Obfuscation

No need to worry about your hard work being easily copied when using code obfuscation to provide copy protection.

Remote Distribution

Don't want your work passed around on the seven seas? Streaming is available so no file is downloaded or stored.

Installation Limits

Licensing options are available to limit the number of servers allowed per purchase before additional licenses are required.

Continuous Integration

Easily find potential issues, see errors, and get improvement suggestions using our automatic build and test servers.

Integrated Support

Eventually everybody needs a friendly, neighborhood support forum to help resolve issues publicly or privately.

Repository Integration

Automatically sync code changes, readme updates, and releases and accept contributions via GitHub or GitLab like a pro.

Payout Percent: 80%

Developers receive 80% of each sale.
The remaining 20% is split between the uMod development team and used for continuous support of this platform.
Interested in selling your work?
  1. You should be familiar with the C# programming language
  2. You'll need at least one complete, working plugin or extension
  3. You'll need a verified PayPal merchant account to receive payouts