Automatic clans/private chat switching

Supported Games

Are you tired of putting every time the command to write into clans or private chat? Now thanks to this plugin you can switch between chat without having to always put the command.

Just write once the chat command on where you want to write, and the plugin saves this command. When you write in chat normally, the message will be sent automatically in the last chat where you were writing.Suggest me what other plugins to be added and report any bugs.

[ Please, if you like my works and you want that I continue to upgrade them, considered you making a donation, also small. Thank you so much. ]


  • Add manually private plugins (CustomChat).
  • Auto load/unload supported plugins.
  • UI that show the current chat.


  • Admin Permission: autochat.admin
  • Player Permission: autochat.use


/ac help - to show commands.
/ac active "true/false:OPTIONAL" - to active/deactive autochat.
/g "message:OPTIONAL" - to send message and switch to global.

Admin Commands

Chat & Console

ac enable "true/false:OPTIONAL" - to enable/disable plugin.
ac auto "true/false:OPTIONAL" - to auto-activate/deactivate plugin for new players.
ac ui "true/false:OPTIONAL" - to enable/disable UI.
ac msg "true/false:OPTIONAL" - to enable/disable message when switching chat.

How to work "CustomChat"

  1. Write the name of the plugin you want to add, as in the example below ("Test" and "ChatRoom").
  2. Add the various commands, one per line.
  3. For the target add $target after the command.


"CustomChat": {
  "Test": [ //Plugin name
    "command1 $target", //Plugin commands
  "ChatRoom": [
    "room $target",

About CUI

  • It show you the current chat in use;
  • Possibility to use RGB and Hex colors in the config.

PS: g = Global Chat


  "CustomChat": {
    "Test": [
  "Enabled": true,
  "PlayerActive": false,
  "ShowSwitchMessage": true,
  "SwitchTime": 600,
  "UIEnabled": true,
  "UISettings": {
    "BackgroundColor": "0.29 0.49 0.69 0.5",
    "TextColor": "#0000FF",
    "FontSize": "15",
    "AnchorMin": "0 0.125",
    "AnchorMax": "0.012 0.1655"


  • "Enabled" - enable/disable plugin.
  • "PlayerActive" - auto-activate/deactivate plugin for new players.
  • "ShowSwitchMessage" - enable/disable message when switching chat.
  • "SwitchTime" - time to automatically switch to global chat ("0" to disable).


  "Enabled": "AutoChat is enabled.",
  "Disabled": "AutoChat is disabled.",
  "Activated": "You have active the autochat.",
  "Deactivated": "You have deactive the autochat.",
  "UIEnabled": "UI was enabled.",
  "UIDisabled": "UI was disabled.",
  "AutoON": "AutoChat is now auto-activated for new players.",
  "AutoOFF": "AutoChat is now auto-deactivated for new players.",
  "MsgON": "Message when switching chat is enabled.",
  "MsgOFF": "Message when switching chat is disabled",
  "GlobalChat": "You switched to the global chat.",
  "NoPerm": "You don't have permission to use this command.",
  "IsDisabled": "The plugin is disabled.",
  "ErrorBool": "Error. Only \"true\" or \"false\".",
  "NoPlugins": "The plugin was disabled because weren't found supported plugins.",
  "ListPlugins": "Supported plugins: {0}{1}",
  "Loaded": "Loaded plugin: {0}",
  "Unloaded": "Unloaded plugin: {0}",
  "NoConfig": "Could not read config file. Creating new one...",
  "Switch": "You switched chat. Type \"/g\" to return to the global chat (\"/ac help\" for other commands).",
  "Help": ">> AUTOCHAT HELP <<\n/ac active \"true/false:OPTIONAL\" - to active/deactive autochat.\n/g \"message:OPTIONAL\" - to send message and switch to global chat.",
  "HelpAdmin": "\nAdmin Commands:\n/ac enable \"true/false:OPTIONAL\" - to enable/disable plugin.\n/ac auto \"true/false:OPTIONAL\" - to auto-active/deactive plugin for new players.\n/ac msg \"true/false:OPTIONAL\" - to enable/disable message when switching chat."
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