Allows admins to write in an admin-only chatroom

Supported Games

Admin Chat allows admins to write in an admin-only chatroom.

How to talk in the admin chatroom

To talk in the admin chatroom, either prefix your message with the configured prefix (default: @),or toggle admin chat with the adminchat command.


  • adminchat.use -- required to use the admin chatroom


When running commands in chat, make sure to prefix them with a slash '/'.

  • adminchat -- used to switch from regular to admin chat and back


  "Prefix (admin chat is used when message starts with this)": "@",
  "Format (how the message is formatted in chat)": "[#red]Admin Chat[/#] [#grey]{name}[/#]: {message}"


  "Enabled Admin Chat": "You are now talking in admin chat.",
  "Disabled Admin Chat": "You are no longer talking in admin chat."