Oxide offers a substantial API to control user access with permissions and groups

Basic usage

For a primer on how to use permissions as a server owner, please consult the Using the Oxide permissions system tutorial.

Most plugins can benefit from some permissions. Below is a basic example of how to register a permission and check if a player has that permission assigned to them.

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("Epic Stuff", "Unknown Author", "0.1.0")]
    [Description("Makes epic stuff happen")]
    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        private void Init()
            permission.RegisterPermission("epicstuff.use", this);

        private void OnUserConnected(IPlayer player)
            if (player.HasPermission("epicstuff.use"))
                // Player has permission, do special stuff for them



Get all groups

string[] groups = permission.GetGroups();

Check if group exists

bool GroupExists = permission.GroupExists("GroupName");

Create a group

bool GroupCreated = permission.CreateGroup("GroupName", "Group Title", 0);

Remove a group

bool GroupRemoved = permission.RemoveGroup("GroupName");

Check if group has a permission

bool GroupHasPermission = permission.GroupHasPermission("GroupName", "epicstuff.use");

Grant permission to a group

permission.GrantGroupPermission("GroupName", "epicstuff.use", this);

Revoke permission from a group

permission.RevokeGroupPermission("GroupName", "epicstuff.use");

Get the rank for a group

int GroupRank = permission.GetGroupRank("GroupName");

Get the title for a group

string GroupTitle = permission.GetGroupTitle("GroupName");

Get parent group for a group

string GroupParent = permission.GetGroupParent("GroupName");

Get permissions for a group

string[] permissions = permission.GetGroupPermissions("GroupName", false);

Migrate group

permission.MigrateGroup("OldGroupName", "NewGroupName");


Get permissions granted to player

string[] UserPermissions = permission.GetUserPermissions("playerID");

Check if player has a permission

bool UserHasPermission = permission.UserHasPermission("playerID", "epicstuff.use");

Add player to a group

permission.AddUserGroup("playerID", "GroupName");

Remove player from a group

permission.RemoveUserGroup("playerID", "GroupName");

Check if player is in a group

bool UserHasGroup = permission.UserHasGroup("playerID", "GroupName");

Grant permission to a player

permission.GrantUserPermission("playerID", "epicstuff.use", this);

Revoke permission from a player

permission.RevokeUserPermission("playerID", "epicstuff.use");


Get all registered permissions

string[] permissions = permission.GetPermissions();

Check if a permission exists

bool PermissionExists = permission.PermissionExists("epicstuff.use", this);

Register a permission

permission.RegisterPermission("epicstuff.use", this);