Creates NPCs that teleport players anywhere, run commands, or open doors

Supported Games


  • Create NPCs that will teleport players
  • Allow NPCs to run commands for a player
  • Allow NPCs to run commands on death from player
  • Allow NPCs to open doors


  • npctp.admin -- Allows players to use the /npctp_add chat command
  • npctp.default -- Allows players to interfact with created NPCs

Permission for each NPC can be set in the data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json file.

Chat Commands

  • /npctp_add <npcID> <spawnfile>If you set spawnfile to name random it will tp to a random spot on the map with out needing to create a spawnfile.

or for command npc use

  • /npctp_add <npcID>

add the npc to a door to open

  • /npctp_door <npcID>

Edit them in data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json for more options or use the /npctp chat command.

UI to confirm if they want to pay or not.


  "KillNoPerms": {
    "NpcFollowUntellDead": false,
    "OnFireDamage": 10,
    "OnFireTime": 10,
    "SetOnFire": false,
    "UseGunToKill": true
  "KillSleepPlayer": {
    "SleepKillDamage": 10
    "AutoCloseDoors": true,
    "AutoCloseTime": 15,
    "DoorOpenMessage": true,
    "useEconomics": false,
    "useRewards": false

Stored Data

This plugin stores data in the data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json file to keep track of NPCs created. Deleting this data file would remove all NPCs created with the plugin.

Example data:

  "NpcTP": {
    "1300616483": {
      "NpcName": "<color=orange>Npc Test</color> : ",
      "SpawnFile": "spawnfilename",
      "Cooldown": 180,
      "CanUse": true,
      "useUI": true,
      "Cost": 10.0,
      "permission": "npctp.default",
      "useItem": false,
      "ItemShortName": "ammo.rifle.hv",
      "ItemAmount": 5,
      "UseCommand": false,
      "CommandOnPlayer": false,
      "Command": "say",
      "Arrangements": "this is a test",
      "useMessage": true,
      "MessageNpc": "Some custom UI Message",
      "EnableDead": false,
      "DeadOnPlayer": false,
      "DeadCmd": "say",
      "DeadArgs": "this is example",
      "OpenDoor": false,
      "DoorLocX": 0.0,
      "DoorLocY": 0.0,
      "DoorLocZ": 0.0,
      "DoorId": 0,
       "NoPermKill": false,
       "KillSleep": false


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