Creates NPCs that teleport players anywhere, run commands, or open doors

Supported Games

If you'd like the free premium version or if you'd like to buy a one on one service for configuring the plugin you can message me directly for more information


  • Create NPCs that will teleport players
  • Allow NPCs to run commands for a player
  • Allow NPCs to run commands on death from player
  • Allow NPCs to open doors


  • npctp.admin -- Allows players to use the /npctp_add chat command
  • npctp.default -- Allows players to interfact with created NPCs

Permission for each NPC can be set in the data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json file.

Chat Commands

  • /npctp_add <npcID> <Optional spawnfile name>

If you set spawnfile to name random it will tp to a random spot on the map with out needing to create a spawnfile.

or for command npc use

  • /npctp_add <npcID>

add the npc to a door to open

  • /npctp_door <npcID>

To add a command for the npc to run

  • /npctp <npcID> command <refrence name>

To add a item on use for the npc to useItem

  • /npctp <npcID> item <Item shortname>

Edit them in data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json for more options or use the /npctp chat command.

UI to confirm if they want to pay or not.


  "KillNoPerms": {
    "NpcFollowUntellDead": false,
    "OnFireDamage": 10,
    "OnFireTime": 10,
    "SetOnFire": false,
    "UseGunToKill": true
  "KillSleepPlayer": {
    "SleepKillDamage": 10
    "AutoCloseDoors": true,
    "AutoCloseTime": 15,
    "DoorOpenMessage": true,
    "useEconomics": false,
    "useRewards": false

Stored Data

This plugin stores data in the data/NpcTp/NpcTP_Data.json file to keep track of NPCs created. Deleting this data file would remove all NPCs created with the plugin.

Example data:

  "NpcTP": {
    "1360609784": {
      "NpcName": "<color=#ffff00>Npc</color> : ",
      "SpawnFile": null,
      "Cooldown": 0,
      "CanUse": true,
      "useUI": false,
      "Cost": 0.0,
      "permission": "npctp.default",
      "useItem": true,
      "UseCommand": true,
      "useMessage": false,
      "MessageNpc": "none",
      "EnableDead": false,
      "DeadOnPlayer": false,
      "DeadCmd": "jail.send",
      "DeadArgs": "5",
      "OpenDoor": false,
      "DoorLocX": 0.0,
      "DoorLocY": 0.0,
      "DoorLocZ": 0.0,
      "DoorId": 0,
      "NoPermKill": false,
      "KillSleep": false,
      "Commands": {
        "say": {
          "Command": "say",
          "Arrangements": "this is a test",
          "OnPlayer": false
        "say2": {
          "Command": "inventroy.give",
          "Arrangements": "scrap 25",
          "OnPlayer": true
      "Items": {
        "metal": {
          "ItemShortName": "metal.fragments",
          "Amount": 100
        "stones": {
          "ItemShortName": "stones",
          "Amount": 10


This plugin is unlicensed and the original author reserves all rights to it.

The original author may request that this plugin be removed and there is a risk that the plugin may be unavailable in the future.

Note that the current maintainer may not have permission to assign a license to the plugin if they are not the original author, so explicit permission would need to be obtained from the original author in order for the plugin to remain openly available and guarantee that it will be around for all to enjoy going forward.