Ban players by Steam ID, IP address, local ban list, or remote ban list

Supported Games


  • MySQL support
  • SQLite support
  • Local Files support
  • PlayerDatabase support
  • WebRequests support
  • Native ban system support
  • Ban/Unban by SteamID
  • Ban/Unban by IP Range (XX.*.*.*, XX.XX.*.*, XX.XX.XX.*)
  • Ban/Unban by Name
  • Ban/Unban by IP
  • Banlist features
  • Multiple database support (MySQL native Oxide for example)
  • Temporary ban support
  • Ban evasion support (players changing Steam ID or IP)
  • Auto kick on ban players matching

PlayerDatabase is not needed but strongly recommended (so you can ban offline players by Steam ID IP).


Chat/Console Commands

  • /ban <name/steamID/IP/RangeIP> <optional: time> <optional: reason>

If no time is given the ban is permanently.


  • /ban Domestos noob -- Will ban Domestos permanently
  • /ban Domestos 20m noob -- Will ban Domestos for 20 minutes
  • /ban Domestos 3h noob -- Will ban Domestos for 3 hours
  • /ban Domestos 10d noob -- Will ban Domestos for 10 days
  • /ban 86.87.*.* "Domestos IP Range" --This will permanently ban all those ip ranges
  • /unban <name/steamID/IP/RangeIP>
  • /kick <name/steamID/IP/RangeIP> <reason>
  • /banlist <BanSystem> <optional: startid>


The config offers options to set different permissions for every command so you can control which user can use which commands.

  • ban - enhancedbansystem.ban
  • unban - enhancedbansystem.unban
  • kick - enhancedbansystem.kick
  • banlist - enhancedbansystem.banlist



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