Chat filter based on keywords for Better Chat

Supported Games

Filter out unwanted keywords and replace them with a censor character (ie. '*') or simply replace the entire word with a substitute. Currently only works with Better Chat, default chat is coming soon. :)

Also automatically mutes depending on the amount of offences in a period of time. See Config for how to use.


  • betterchatfilter.admin -- Allows player to use the filter admin commands


This plugin provides universal chat and console commands. When using a command in the chat, prefix it with a forward slash: /.

  • filter -- Check number of offences for self
  • filter check <player name or id> -- Check number of offences for specified player (admin only)
  • filter clear <player name or id> -- Clear offences for specified player (admin only)


  "Advanced - Regex to use": "", // Regex to trigger replacement
  "Advanced - Use REGEX": false,
  "Clear Offense After (0 - Disabled, 1 - Both Kick/Mute, 2 - Kick,  3 - Mute": 0,
  "Offenses - Count To Kick": 3,
  "Offenses - Count To Mute": 3,
  "Offenses - Time To Mute": 300,
  "Word Filter - Custom Replacement": "Unicorn", // Word to be substituted n the place of the offending word.
  "Word Filter - Enabled": true,
  "Word Filter - Phrases": [ ],  // List of naughty words that triggers replacement
  "Word Filter - Replacement": "*", // Symbol to censor offending word with.
  "Word Filter - Use Custom Replacement": false // Set to true to substitute word instead of symbol.

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