Bans an entire clan with one command

Supported Games

Clan Ban is a plugin that helps you ban an entire clan with one command. This works with all of the public clan plugins.


  • Works with both version of clans
  • Choice of 3 ban systems! (Vanilla, Enhanced Ban System, or Discord Messages)
  • Customization of messages**


  • clanban.ban -- Allows player to use the /clanban command


  • clanban <function> <clan> [reason] -- Ban an entire clan (/cb short command also available)

Available functions are: ban, unban, mute, unmute, kick


  "Clan Ban - Ban Type (Disabled = 0, EBS = 1, Vanilla = 2, DiscordMessages = 3)": 0,
  "Clan Ban - Announce To Server": "True"
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