Allows players to roll number to win more money or points

Supported Games

This plugin allow your player to bet some money/points to become a rich man or a naked guy ;).


  • lottery.canuse -- Allows player to use the lottery
  • lottery.canconfig -- Allows player to configure the lottery

Chat Commands

  • /lot -- Open the lotery GUI
  • /lot add -- Add NPC you are looking to the list of NPCs
  • /lot remove -- Remove NPC you are looking to the list of NPCs


  "Global": {
    "Jackpot": 50000,
    "JackpotMatch": 1058,
    "RollMaxRange": 9999,
    "RollMinRange": 9998,
    "WinRate": {
      "111x": 1,
      "222x": 10,
      "333x": 50,
      "444x": 10,
      "555x": 75,
      "666x": 5,
      "777x": 75,
      "888x": 56,
      "999x": 420,
      "99x9": 52,
      "99xx": 86,
      "9x99": 57,
      "9xxx": 86,
      "x999": 85
  "HumanNPC": {
    "Enabled": false,
    "npcID": [
  "ServerRewards": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Jackpot": 10,
    "JackpotMatch": 1869,
    "Match": [
    "MinBet": 1,
    "MinBetJackpot": 100,
    "WinPoint": {
      "Match1Number": 1,
      "Match2Number": 2,
      "Match3Number": 3,
      "Match4Number": 4
  "UI": {
    "BackgroundMainColor": "0.1 0.1 0.1 1",
    "BackgroundMainURL": "",
    "BackgroundWinColor": "0.1 0.1 0.1 1",
    "BackgroundWinURL": ""

Server Rewards

  • MinBetJackpot => Here you set the minimum bet required to be able to win the jackpot.
  • Jackpot => How many points has the jackpot.
  • JackpotMatch => Roll number match to win jackpot.
  • WinPoint => How many points has each match (see Economics part).
  • Match => roll match (see Economics part)
  • MinBet => Minimum bet
  • Enabled => Enable ServerRewards support


  • Jackpot => How many $ has the jackpot.
  • JackpotMatch => Roll number match to win jackpot.
  • RollMinRange => Min roll range must be less than RollMaxRange
  • RollMaxRange => Max roll rang must be superior or equal to RollMinRange
  • WinRate => (see below part)

111x is the number rolled by player where "x" mean a random number and the "1" after the double dot is the percent of win rate.

Example if a player place bet 100 with multiplier 4 and roll a 1111 he will win 100*(1/100)*4

The "-" " " are both bet multiplers.

The Bet modifiers buton are here to put how many money you want to place in bet.

The place bet button allow you to make the roll and get a chance to win.

The << and >> arrow allow you to switch the win rate, this part is only for information.

Human NPC

  • Enabled => Turn NPCOnly option on/off (when true, command is disabled)
  • npcID => List of NPC you want to use to display UI

User Interface

  • BackgroundMainColor => Allow you to change the main background color and transparency
  • BackgroundMainURL => Allow you to set image as background to the main UI(setting to "" will remove image)
  • BackgroundWinColor => Allow you to change the win background color and transparency
  • BackgroundWinURL => Allow you to set image as backgroundto the win UI(setting to "" will remove image)
  • anchorMin, anchorMax => Size and placement of the UI
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