Tracks playtime and AFK time of players with a built-in reward system

Supported Games

Tracks user playtime, with option to separately track AFK time. Also includes a built-in reward system to give players points/money for time played and referring other players to your server. You can also create custom permissions to give VIP players point multipliers.

Chat Commands

  • /playtime -- Display your playtime
  • /playtime -- Display the playtime for the specified player
  • /playtime top -- Display the top play times (top 10 by default)
  • /ptt add -- Add a new custom permission with multiplier value
  • /ptt remove -- Removes a custom permission
  • /ptt list -- List all available permissions

Note: Permissions will automatically be prefixed with playtimetracker.

  • /refer -- Specify a player that referred you for points to be issued to both players (requires the reward system to be active)

Console Commands

  • playtime all -- List all players play times in descending order

Reward System

The reward system can be used to issue points/coins etc to players based on their playtime. It has 4 reward style plugins to handle them. The reward plugins are game specific, meaning you can't use Enonomy for Hurtworld on a Rust server.

For example, if you activate Economy for Hurtworld in the config on a Rust server this plugin will ignore it

Permission System

The permission system is there to give VIP players a multiplier for the rewards they are issued. The amount of points will be the default amount set in the config, multiplied by the number you set in the permission.

For example, if you create a permission called "playtimetracker.vip1" with a value of 1.5, and the amount of points is 5 (default amount), the user will get 7.5 points when issued a reward for playtime

Referral System

The referral system is simple. PlayerA invites PlayerB to the server. For the reward to be issued PlayerB simply has to type '/refer PlayerA'.

Once he/she has done this PlayerA will be given points for inviting a player (Referral_InvitePoints) and PlayerB will be given points for joining from a referral (Referral_JoinPoints).

Once PlayerB has registered his/her referral they can never use the system again, however they can invite as many player as they want to claim referral rewards


  "Options": {
    "SaveTimer": 15, // Data save timer (minutes)
    "TrackAFKTime": true // Enables AFK time tracking. This time will not be added to the users playtime!
  "ReferralSystem": {
    "IssueRewardForReferral": true, // Give rewards for player referrals
    "UseReferralSystem": true // Enables the referral system
  "RewardSystem": {
    "Enabled": true, // Enables the reward system
    "Points": {
      "Playtime_Points": 5, // Points to issue per reward tick
      "Playtime_PointTimer": 3600, // Time in seconds between issuing rewards
      "Referral_InvitePoints": 5, // Points for inviting a player to the server (Referral System)
      "Referral_JoinPoints": 3 // Points for the invited player (Referral System)
    "RewardPlugins": { // Reward plugins to use
      "Hurtworld": {
        "Economy": false
      "Rust": {
        "Economics": false,
        "ServerRewards": true
      "Universal": {
        "UEconomics": false
    "SendDepositMessage": true // Sends a message to the player when they receive a reward

Developer API

object GetPlayTime(string playerid) // Returns double playtime in seconds, or null if no data found
object GetAFKTime(string playerid) // Returns double AFK time in seconds, or null if no data found
object GetReferrals(string playerid) // Returns int number of referrals, or null if no data found
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