Blocks raiding of new players

Supported Games


Anti Noob Raid prevents doing damage to entities placed by a new player.

For this plugin to work, Playtime Tracker is needed to monitor how long players are on the server.

Time period inside which players cannot get raided is configurable in config file, by default it is 86400 (seconds).

This plugin will soon be rewritten as I'm not satisfied with its state (performance).


antinoobraid.admin - gives player permission to command /refunditem

antinoobraid.noob - gives player noob protection status

Chat Commands

/removenoob - allows player to remove his noob status (needs "yes")

/checknew - allows player to check if the entity is placed by a new player to avoiding losing explosives (needs to be looking at the building/entity)

/refunditem add - adds the item you are holding to the list of items that will get refunded (in case the item is a raid tool)

/refunditem remove - removes the item you are holding from the list of items that will get refunded (in case the item is a raid tool)

/refunditem list - lists all the items that are currently set to refund

/refunditem clear - clears the list of items set to refund

/refunditem all - sets all raid tools to get refunded (C4, satchel, beancan, f1 and all 2 types of rockets (hv & normal))

Console and Chat Commands

antinoob checksteam - manually checks in game time for all online players (try to keep amount of requests per day below 100k)

antinoob wipe playerdata - wipes player data from the file

antinoob wipe attempts- wipes player raid attempts from the file

antinoob wipe all - wipes the whole data file

antinoob removenoob [SteamID] - makes the player non noob (use this in case you notice player is not a noob)

antinoob addnoob [SteamID] - makes the player noob (use this in case you notice player is really... noob...)

Entity Whitelist

In config file there 5 are already 5 placeholder for entity whitelist, to add an entity to the list you need to replace the Placeholder with the short prefab of the entity you want to whitelist, you can find that by typing debug.lookingat in client console ("Ent: sleepingbag_leather_deployed").

If you want to make the entity destroyable everywhere around the world you set the true/false property to true and if you want the entity to be destroyable when it's outside of TC range and owner of entity is not authorized to the TC set it to false.

Manual Mode

When manual mode is set to true every new player that joins will not have noob protection.

To give player noob protection use antinoob.addnoob

If you plan on using this I suggest you wipe the players (in the data (antinoob.wipe.playerdata) and reload the plugin so that every player is set as noob


  "Allow clan members to destroy each others entities": true,
  "Allow twig to be destroyed even when owner is noob": true,
  "Check full ownership of the base instead of only one block": true,
  "Check Steam for in game time": true,
  "Days of inactivity after which player will be raidable": 7.0,
  "Ignore twig when calculating base ownership (prevents exploiting)": true,
  "In-game steam time which mark player as non-noob (hours)": 200.0,
  "Kill fireballs when someone tries to raid protected player with fire (prevents lag)": true,
  "List of entities that can be destroyed even if owner is a noob, true = destroyable everywhere (not inside of owners TC range)": {
    "Placeholder1": true,
    "Placeholder2": true,
    "Placeholder3": true,
    "Placeholder4": true,
    "Placeholder5": true
  "Manual Mode": false,
  "Notify player on first connection with protection time": true,
  "Prevent new players from raiding": true,
  "Refund explosives": true,
  "Refunds before player starts losing explosives": 1,
  "Remove noob status of a raider on raid attempt": true,
  "Remove protection from all clan members when a member tries to raid": false,
  "Show message for not being able to raid": true,
  "Show time until raidable": false,
  "Steam API key": "",
  "Time (seconds) after which noob will lose protection (in-game time)": 21600,
  "Use game tips to send first connection message to players": true,
  "User data refresh interval (seconds)": 30


  • For infinite refunding set the "Refunds before player starts losing explosives to zero.
  • For the Steam API key go to: this page. and create one. Put the long thing in config file and reload the plugin.
  • Steam checking may not work correctly as users can now hide their play time/games.



Should be called when a player is being added to an event or something

(bool) IgnorePlayer(object o)

Example: AntiNoobRaid.Call("IgnorePlayer", "71661298069130333");

Returns true if user was successfully added to ignore list and false if not

Accepts: BasePlayer, ulong & string


UnIgnorePlayer - Should be called when a player is being removed from an event or something

(bool) UnIgnorePlayer(object o)

Example: AntiNoobRaid.Call("UnIgnorePlayer", "71661298069130333");

Returns true if user was successfully removed from ignore list and false if not

Accepts: BasePlayer, ulong & string



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