Teleports admins/developer under the world when they disconnect

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Underworld teleports admins/developer under the world when they disconnect. If configured, admins and developers will be teleported back to land and vanished after waking up. Optionally, admins and developers health, calories, and hydration can be set to max upon waking up if enabled in the config file.


  • underworld.blocked -- Block admins/devs from using the plugin if they have this permission
  • underworld.use -- Grants full access to the plugin. Does not bypass being blocked.

Chat Commands

  • /uw save -- Toggle saving and stripping inventory on disconnect
  • /uw set <x y z> -- Set log out position. Can specify coordinates. If accepted then they will be used instead
  • /uw reset -- Reset log out position to be underground unless a position is configured in the config file
  • /uw wakeup -- Toggle waking up on land
  • /uw noclip -- Toggle auto noclip on reconnect
  • /uw g -- Teleport to the ground


All options can be configured per user. You can override the saving of inventories by disabling it in the config file.

Saved inventories will be deleted if you log out naked, but not if you log out dead.

A blacklist is available for specific items to not be saved via the config file. Use an itemid or shortname.

  "Settings": {
    "Allow Save And Strip Admin Inventory On Disconnect": true,
    "Auto Vanish On Connect": true,
    "Blacklist": [
    "Default Teleport To Position On Disconnect": "(0, 0, 0)",
    "Set Health, Hunger and Thirst to Max": false

Stored Data

This plugin stores data in the data/Underworld.json file to keep track of players in the underworld along with their inventory. This file should not be deleted in most cases unless you want the inventory stored there to be lost.


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