Sharing doors with friends via the tool cupboard.

Supported Games
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Sharing doors is just as simple as authorizing yourself on a tool cupboard.

RustIO Clans support.

Github Repository: UMod.Rust.SharedDoors

For help go to our discord here


/sd - Shows commands.

/sd masterMode - Toggles Master Mode

/sd mm (Short Version) - Toggles Master Mode


Toggle Master Mode: SharedDoors.Master

Master Mode Definition:

A mode in which admins or players with permission can open any door or chest locked with a lock.

Door Sharing Rules

  1. If you are authorized on a Tool Cupboard and in you are in the clan that made the CodeLock then you are allowed to open the door/chest.

  2. If you are authorized and you are not in the clan. You cannot open the door/chest. (Prevents from base takeover via clan)

  3. If you are not authorized and you are in the clan. You cannot open the door/chest.

  4. If Clans is not installed the default behavior will be the same. If someone is authorized you can open the door/chest.

  5. Clans Checking now works on KeyLocks.

  6. Friends API now works with SharingDoors.

    • The owner of the door must have added you as a friend.
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