Gives players money through Economics/ServerRewards for various actions (gathering, animal kills)

Supported Games

GatherRewards gives players money through Economics or ServerRewards when gathering wood from trees, ores from ore rocks, killing players, or killing animals.

Note: When gathering, it will give you money for every item you gather from any given resource, so set the amounts you want given accordingly. For example, every time you gather from an ore rock, it will give you money for Metal Ore AND Sulfur Ore. Whenever you kill a player, it will give you money. If the player is a friend of the killer, it will give you a separate set amount.


Chat Commands

  • /gatherrewards [value] [amount]
    Replace [value] with what you see in the config that you want to change.
    For friends, the value is "friend" not "Player's friend"
    For clan members, the value is "clan" not "Clan member"

Console Commands

  • gatherrewards [value] [amount]


  "Settings": {
    "ChatEditCommand": "gatherrewards",
    "ConsoleEditCommand": "gatherrewards",
    "EditPermission": "gatherrewards.canedit",
    "ShowMessagesOnKill": true,
    "ShowMessagesOnGather": true,
    "UseEconomics": true,
    "UseServerRewards": false,
    "PluginPrefix": "<color=cyan>[GatherRewards]</color>",
    "Rewards": {
      "Bear": 25.0,
      "Boar": 25.0,
      "Chicken": 25.0,
      "Clan Member": -25.0,
      "Horse": 25.0,
      "Ore": 25.0,
      "Player": 0.0,
      "Player's Friend": -25.0,
      "Stag": 25.0,
      "Stone": 25.0,
      "Wolf": 25.0,
      "Wood": 25.0

The configuration file will update automatically if new options are added or removed. I'll do my best to preserve any existing settings and messages with each new version. **This won't cover major config changes. **


  "ReceivedForGather": "You have received ${0} for gathering {1}.",
  "LostForGather": "You have lost ${0} for gathering {1}.",
  "ReceivedForKill": "You have received ${0} for killing a {1}.",
  "LostForKill": "You have lost ${0} for killing a {1}.",
  "NoPermission": "You have no permission to use this command.",
  "Usage": "Usage: /{0} [value] [amount]",
  "NotaNumber": "Error: value is not a number.",
  "Success": "Successfully changed '{0}' to earn amount '{1}'.",
  "ValueDoesNotExist": "Value '{0}' does not exist."

Future Plans

Multiplier by kill distance


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