A complete re-implementation of the drop system

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This documentation is outdated. Please consult the latest patch-notes.

THE recent third party support: Online creation and edition of loot tables

By default, Better Loot does exclude (true) HeliCrates and not include (false) SupplyDrops

Instead of using the game's default loot tables, Better Loot overrides any barrels and crates a player loots with something (hopefully) better.

  • can override _optionally _heli crates and SupplyDrops
  • can use _optionally _extra loot tables for heli crates and SupplyDrops
  • can spawn for each type up to 30 items!!!
  • works lag-free together with FancyDrop

Chat Commands

  • Type /blacklist to retrieve information about which items are blacklisted.
  • As owner, type /blacklist [additem|deleteitem|addbp|deletebp] "item_name" to add an item to or delete it from the blacklist. Make sure to add both the item and its blueprint if you intend to blacklist an item entirely.

Item Reference

To give you a reference to include missing items, you can use the file NamesList.json, which inludes all items and their stacksizes, and those which are not included by default in the tables.

Add/Remove Items

Easy ADD not included or REMOVE unwanted items from any table, save the file and do reload.

By default, BetterLoot includes most loot container types, like shown in default config:

  "Barrel": {
    "barrelTypes": "loot-barrel|loot_barrel"
  "Crate": {
    "crateTypes": "crate_normal|crate_tools"



  • maxItemsPerBarrel: 3 > maximum items per barrel
  • minItemsPerBarrel: 1 > minimum items per barrel
  • refreshBarrels: true > refresh barrel content by global timer 'refreshMinutes'


  • maxItemsPerCrate: 6 > maximum items per crate
  • minItemsPerCrate: 3 > minimum items per crate
  • refreshCrates: true > refresh crate content by global timer 'refreshMinutes'


  • dropWeaponsWithAmmo: true > include ammo in spawn when weapon is spawned
  • enforceBlacklist: false > enforce blacklised items to removed/deleted when added to any container
  • listUpdatesOnLoaded: true > displays in console current item chances when plugin is loaded/reloaded
  • listUpdatesOnRefresh: false > displays in console container refreshes
  • pluginEnabled: true >
  • refreshMinutes: 30 > refresh timer for barrels/crates


  • excludeHeliCrate: true > exclude/include heli crates to be changed by betterloot
  • maxItemsPerHeliCrate: 4 > maximum items per heli crate
  • minItemsPerHeliCrate: 2 > minimum items per heli crate
  • useCustomTableHeli: true > use 'HeliCrate.json' for loot true/false; only active when not excluded


  • includeSupplyDrop: false > include/exclude supply drops to be changed by betterloot
  • maxItemsPerSupplyDrop: 6 > maximum items per supply drop
  • minItemsPerSupplyDrop: 3 > minimum items per supply drop
  • useCustomTableSupply: true > use 'SupplyDrop.json' for loot true/false; only active when included

Default Configuration

  "Barrel": {
    "barrelTypes": "loot-barrel|loot_barrel|loot_trash",
    "enableBarrels": true,
    "maxItemsPerBarrel": 3,
    "minItemsPerBarrel": 1,
    "refreshBarrels": false
  "Crate": {
    "crateTypes": "crate_normal|crate_tools",
    "enableCrates": true,
    "maxItemsPerCrate": 6,
    "minItemsPerCrate": 3,
    "refreshCrates": true
  "Generic": {
    "dropWeaponsWithAmmo": true,
    "enforceBlacklist": false,
    "listUpdatesOnLoaded": true,
    "listUpdatesOnRefresh": false,
    "pluginEnabled": true,
    "refreshMinutes": 30,
    "removeStackedContainers": true,
    "seperateLootTables": true
  "HeliCrate": {
    "includeHeliCrate": false,
    "maxItemsPerHeliCrate": 4,
    "minItemsPerHeliCrate": 2,
    "useCustomTableHeli": true
  "Rarity": {
    "Override": {
      "autoturret": 4,
      "lmg.m249": 4,
      "targeting.computer": 3
  "SupplyDrop": {
    "includeSupplyDrop": false,
    "maxItemsPerSupplyDrop": 6,
    "minItemsPerSupplyDrop": 3,
    "useCustomTableSupply": true

Stored Data

Better Loot creates on first launch the following files in your servers data folder under the folder BetterLoot:

Example: data/BetterLoot/LootTable.json

Blacklist.json > Default blacklisted items
HeliCrate.json > Default loot tables for helicopter spawns
LootTable.json > Default servers loot table for items. You need to change this if needed
NamesList.json > All BP's (exluded defaults) AND all itemnames AND all items with their current max stacking
SupplyDrop.json > Default loot tables for SupplyDrop spawns


  • dcode, the original author of this plugin

    For Server Owners:

    Do not use unlicensed code because an unlicensed plugin is dangerous to your server's feature availability.

    For Developers:

    Do not integrate with unlicensed code as it is possible your integrations will break permanently without recourse.


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