Allows players to have backpacks that provide them with extra inventory space

Supported Games

Backpacks allows players to have backpacks that provide them with extra inventory space. The backpack can be dropped on death.

Note: To bind a key to open the backpack, use: bind b in your F1 client console.


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Chat Commands

  • /backpack -- Open your own backpack
  • /viewbackpack <steamid> -- Open another players backpack [Admin Command]


  • backpacks.admin -- Required for /viewbackpack command
  • backpacks.use -- Required for using a backpack
  • backpacks.use.small -- Makes player have a small backpack (still requires backpacks.use)
  • backpacks.use.medium -- Makes player have a medium backpack (still requires backpacks.use)*
  • backpacks.use.large -- Makes player have a large backpack (still requires backpacks.use)


  "Backpack Size (1-3)": 2,
  "Blacklisted Items (Item Shortnames)": [
  "Drop On Death": true,
  "Erase On Death": false,
  "Hide On Back If Empty": true,
  "Show On Back": true,
  "Use Blacklist": false


The default messages are in the Backpacks.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory. To add support for another language, create a new language folder (ex. de for German) if not already created, copy the default language file to the new folder, and then customize the messages.

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