Daily gift reward system

Supported Games

This is a gift reward system to incentive players playing on your server for prolonged amounts of time.



  • absolutgifts.vip -- Sets player as a VIP that can receive VIP gifts

Chat Commands

  • /gift -- Opens the gift menu


Admins setup "Gifts" which can consist of up to 10 items.

A gift consists of 3 parts.

  1. A time requirement in minutes. A Number Pad is presented to the admin when creating the gift which has various times with the final button being 24 hours in minutes (1440).

  2. VIP YES/NO. (Can only be acquired by users with the absolutgifts.vip permission.

  3. Gift items. These items are selected from visual buttons presented on the screen. Each gift can have a skin field manipulated via the data file. (Unload plugin, change skin value, reload plugin).

  4. A gift item amount. Again a number pad is presented to admin allowing him/her to select the amount.

Players will accumulate play time for simply playing. As they accumulate time the system will check if they have met the criteria for a gift (if a VIP gift it will skip it). When the gift play time is met, the player receives an announcement, a New Gift Icon is shown on the screen (this icon is also a button to open the menu), and a "Redeem" button is added to that gift entry. If a gift consists of only Economics, Server Rewards, or Absolut Combat Money... it will not have a redeem button but instead just be given to the player. Otherwise, the play must hit "Redeem" to collect the items. Be warned, if time resets (see config options below) then the redeemable items will be cleared. This is to prevent errors and players from collecting gifts over the course of time.

Play time and pending gifts are saved for a configured amount of time (see config options below) from the time the player first connects. This means, a player rejoining within the configured amount of time will continue on the current gift objectives and be able to redeem earned gifts.

If a player is logged on during the time reset and even if they have the UI open at that moment, it will all refresh and reset.

The idea behind this plugin is to give admins a simple and easy system to incentivize play on the server.


  "GiftIconImage": "http://i.imgur.com/zMe9ky5.png",  // Image URL of new gift icon image
  "HideVIP": false, // VIP gifts will be hidden from non-VIP players. This has no effect on VIP gift redemption
  "InfoInterval": 15, // If set to 0 the Absolut Gift Chat Info message will not appear. Otherwise, this detemines how often in minutes it happens
  "maxx": 0.34,
  "maxy": 0.055,
  "minx": 0.21, // Sets anchor location for new gift image
  "miny": 0.005,
  "GiftsPerPanel": 4, // Sets Gifts shown per page. Max 12.
  "UITextSize": 12, // Sets text size of "most" Gift Panel Text.
  "NoAFK": true, // Tries to prevent players that are AFK from accumulating time
  "ResetInDays": 1, // Set how often player accumulated time resets as well as earned gifts and completed gifts.
  "UseGatherIncrease": true // One day this might be in use... LOL
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