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Details about standalone applications

This guide is for uMod, not Oxide.


uMod installs several standalone applications that each provide important functionality. The installation and updating of the standalone applications can be handled and automated with the uMod Agent.

Though not typically necessary, the following commands allow for manual installation or updating of the uMod applications.

Install all uMod applications

umod install --apps

Update all uMod applications

umod update --apps

Web Client

The web client provides a consistent and secure method to perform web requests across a variety of platforms using the most modern security standards regardless of game or platform limitations.


The incremental compiler provides the ability to compile plugin source code at run-time without interrupting the operation of already loaded plugins


The database client manages connections to databases, executes Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, and maps the results to objects using an object-relational-mapper.


The patcher is a tool for injecting hooks at key integration points within game assemblies.