uMod Agent

Power up your modded experience with our integrated game server manager

Easy Updates

Get your server up from scratch easily with our custom application.

Game Integrated

Instantly add support for free plugins and extensions across 5 game servers.

After downloading the agent, choose one of the supported games above


uMod relies on several standalone applications to provide the best server integration possible.
uMod WebClient
1.0.105 Download
Checksum: f5f18d145032144981278d373fdf0d1f512974f9
uMod Compiler
1.0.110 Download
Checksum: 9856d83b69bd245ac54787195e08ad46931d6aab
uMod Database
1.0.105 Download
Checksum: 9b8876978ed92464835fa2c4f60014b61626baf2