Xpbar colors

ok so maybe im just really stupid but i was trying to change the colors for the xp bars in the config using RGBA color codes (ive also tried hex and cmyk) but when i save it the bars ingame just go white. any ideas on why and how i might fix it ?

So I was wondering the same thing and after a few tries I figured out how it works. The codes are in RGBA format, but for the RGB a 1 stands for the maximum amount which is 255. So if you want the color blue for example (RGB 0,0,255) you have to put 0 0 1 0.5 in the config The last number is the transparity which I found is just best to leave at the default 0.5. Another example for those still having trouble purple (RGB 128,0,128) has to be put in the config as 0.5 0 0.5 0.5. You divide the numer of the RGB code by 255 and thats the number you put in the config, except for the last number you can play around with it but IMO its just best to leave it at 0.5. Hope this helps!