Allows player to level up 5 different skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting, Skinning, Aquire)

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Warning. The plugin has just moved to me (2CHEVSKII) and I have and update planned (with some new features requested from the Help section). It will take some time (2-3 weeks approximately), but I'll try to make it ASAP with my schedule. Update will include CUI upgrade with option to move panels independantly, option to loose whole level after death instead of percentage of current and some others. I keep an eye on your requests, don't warry =)

This plugin, is remastered version of ZLevels plugin, which provides custom skills for players to level up to.

All of the skills works kinda the same like in the original ZLevels, a new skill was introduced called Crafting, which boosts your crafting speed depending on your Crafting skill level, to increase it, you must craft things obviously. The more time you spend on crafting, the more XP you get. Also when player reaches a point, where he has 100% faster crafting, all his items are instant crafted, if you craft more than 10 items at once, then items are Magic Crafted.

The XP loss formula was rewritten, so now you loose percentage of your current level XP instead of some fixed amount if you are level 10 and have 80% exp, and you should loose 60% exp on death, that means you'll be level 10 and 20% experience.Every hour spent alive, you'll loss less experience when killed. For example if you set XPPercentToLoose to 100%, after 5 hours you'll only loose 50% instead of 100%, hours counts even when you are offline. There is also 10 mins grace period, that when you die within first 10 mins you don't loose any experience. You can check how much XP you'll loose by typing /stats.

Available Skills

  • Mining - Gathering all types or ore
  • Woodcutting - Gathering wood, cactus
  • Skinning - Gathering animal
  • Aquire - Collecting (if disabled splitted over the above types)
  • Crafting

All of the features can be disabled via configuration file.


The CUI allows you to avoid typing /stats every second and check how much XP is left till you level up, etc.

Incompatible plugins

  • Hunt RPG for Rust (to make them work together, you must disable crafting in my plugin settings)

Console Commands

  • -- Display info for specified player; supports player name or Steam ID
  • zl.lvl -- Set levels for specific players, see the FAQ for more info
  • zl.pointsperhit - Change points per hit for all or specific skills (not saved to config)

Chat Commands

  • /stats - displays stats.
  • /statsui - toggle's stats interface.
  • /statinfo - Displays information about certain skill, including server configuration.

You can disable certain skills, by setting LevelCaps value for that skill to -1.The crafting skill is limited to 20.

The part "NightBonus" of the config works only with Time Of Day.


  "CUI": {
    "Bounds": {
      "HeightLower": "0.023",
      "HeightUpper": "0.19",
      "WidthLeft": "0.72",
      "WidthRight": "0.847"
    "BoundsBackground": "0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1",
    "FontColor": "0.74 0.76 0.78 1",
    "FontSizeBar": 13,
    "FontSizeLevel": 12,
    "TextShadowEnabled": true,
    "XpBarBackground": "0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2",
    "XpBarColors": {
      "A": "0 0.8 0 0.5",
      "C": "0.2 0.72 0.5 0.5",
      "M": "0.1 0.5 0.8 0.5",
      "S": "0.8 0.1 0 0.5",
      "WC": "0.8 0.4 0 0.5"
  "Generic": {
    "enablePermission": false,
    "gameProtocol": 1956,
    "permissionName": "zlevelsremastered.use",
    "pluginPrefix": "<color=orange>ZLevels:",
    "wipeDataOnNewSave": false
  "NightBonus": {
    "broadcastEnabledBonus": true,
    "enableNightBonus": false,
    "logEnabledBonusConsole": false,
    "PointsPerHitAtNight": {
      "A": 60,
      "M": 60,
      "S": 60,
      "WC": 60
  "Settings": {
    "CraftingDetails": {
      "PercentFasterPerLevel": 5,
      "TimeSpent": 1,
      "XPPerTimeSpent": 3
    "DefaultResourceMultiplier": {
      "A": 1,
      "M": 1,
      "S": 1,
      "WC": 1
    "LevelCaps": {
      "A": 200,
      "C": -1,
      "M": 200,
      "S": 200,
      "WC": 200
    "PercentLostOnDeath": {
      "A": 50,
      "C": 50,
      "M": 50,
      "S": 50,
      "WC": 50
    "PointsPerHit": {
      "A": 30,
      "M": 30,
      "S": 30,
      "WC": 30
    "ResourcePerLevelMultiplier": {
      "A": 2.0,
      "M": 2.0,
      "S": 2.0,
      "WC": 2.0
    "SkillColors": {
      "A": "#ADD8E6",
      "C": "#CCFF99",
      "M": "#DDDDDD",
      "S": "#FFDDDD",
      "WC": "#FFDDAA"


How to disable Crafting (or any other skill)?

You can disable it by simply setting it's LevelCap to -1.

Can I change player levels easily?

You can modify players level via RCON/Console, using the following commands:

  • zl.lvl \[playername/steamid] [skillshortcutname] [XX] -- Set player level to XX level.
  • zl.lvl [playername/steamid] [skillshortcutname] [XX] -- Increase player level by XX levels.
  • zl.lvl [playername/steamid] [skillshortcutname\] -[XX] -- Decrease player level by XX levels.
  • zl.lvl [playername/steamid] [skillshortcutname] \[XX] -- Divide player level by XX.
  • zl.lvl [playername/steamid] [skillshortcutname] *\[XX] -- Set player XP rates to XX% of server rates (100 is default).

Instead of name you can use (online players) or (all players (including offline)).

Shortcut codes for skills are:

  • C - Crafting
  • WC - Woodcutting
  • M - Mining
  • S - Skinning
  • A - Aquire
  • * - All skills


  • Zeiser, the author of the original ZLevels plugin
  • Visagalis, the original author of the remastered ZLevels plugin

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