Can't hold tools/weapons while vanish
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You can't hold light sources while vanish which makes you blind in the dark.
i cant hold anything , i gived to my self all permission , reload plugin but still cant hold anything
I cannot figure out how to get the vanish plugin to allow myself to hold weapons while vanished. Any way to fix this?
revoke permission vanish.abilities.weapons
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revoke permission vanish.abilities.weapons
Ive done that and it doesnt work

Since updating to your latest version of the plugin, I can no longer hold items while vanished.
I am still "technically" holding them, and I can shoot, however the item I'm holding is also invisible...
How to fix?

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Oh damn. Just fixed it!


@ThatGuyScript revoke all permissions bar vanish.allow and then F1: oxide.reload Vanish and it's fixed again!

I don't see it in the config. Is it possible to be able to hold an item such as a torch for caves? I have nightvision but that does not light up caves.

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Still not working.

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fixed it :) sorry for my noobness. Didn't writecfg after changing permissions.