Patrolhelicopter Oilfireballsmall vs Buildingblocks

Hallo there

We got a big issue with the oilfireballsmall. If the patrol helicopter crashes and burns, it destroys the house below using Prefab oilfireballsmall.

I tried to solve this as follows:

"FireBall cannot hurt Buildingblock",

"name": "BuildingBlock",
"members": "wall.low, wall, floor, roof, fundation",
"exclusions": ""

"name": "FireBall",
"members": "oilfireballsmall, oilfireball2, fireball_small",
"exclusions": ""

Can u help me out?

Thx in advance Centix

  • NoHeliDamage - Disables heli damage (use NoHeliDamageQuarry for quarries, and NoHeliDamagePlayer for players)
this cannot be done using rules and must be done using this flag

==  22:47:44.72942  ==
 From: FireBall, oilfireballsmall
 To: BuildingBlock, foundation
   No shared locations (empty location) - no exclusions
 No exclusion found - looking up RuleSet...
 Using RuleSet "default"
 Initiator is heli, target is non-player; results: block and return​

Hey Nivex, ive got a question about the NoHeliDamage, whats about the ScrapTransportHelicopter? there are also OilFireBallSmall. how we can prevent the Damange from ScrapHelicopters -> OilFireBallSmall?

best bet is to use tpve.trace by typing in the f1 game console, and then view the trace log file regarding this

logs found in:

  • `Trace To Player Console` (true)
  • `Trace To Server Console` (true)
  • `Maximum Distance From Player To Trace` (100m)

use these settings in the config. this way when you trace only things within 100 meters of you will be recorded to the log file.