Perfect TruePVE settings with option for Purge
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No you have to assign it a time to use or it wont be used.

does DynamicConfigpost anything to console to show that its changed the configs? without entering the game to check ?

yes it prints them out to the console and server logs.
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yes it prints them out to the console and server logs.

Thanks for the help fella one more thing ..

Im using ZonePVxInfo that indicates what zone a player is in either a PVE or PVP.

Once the config switches to the RAID config is there a way for ZonePVxInfo to show PVP whatever the location and ignore the zones?

Correct. If I use the F1 console and do the command to make the server PVE and then add this mod like the instructions say to do, then if we shoot NPCs, we get like a punishment of damage to our health and eventually end up dying before killing the NPCs. But no matter what I do with the settings to this plugin, I can't seem to get that to stop.

TruePVE is meant to be used with server.pve false (PVP mode ON)! Running TruePVE with server.pve true can have unintended effects.

im having a probleme were if a base decay, player can break a tool cupboard when it is locked. i managed to get them to break it if its unlock/no codelock, but not if its locked. same goes with boxes, larges boxes. the name is cupboard.tool.deployer, how do i name it if its locked. cant find anything on that 

"name": "storages",
"members": "box.wooden.large, woodbox_deployed, fridge.deployed, locker.deployed, cupboard.tool.deployed",
"exclusions": ""
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