Getting ERROR due to a false Duplicated permission

Hi! Love this plugin! Been working amazing until today.
So, since today when it's loaded the console returns this message:
Duplicate permission registered 'steamchecks.skip' (by plugin 'Steam Checks')
The plugin remains loaded and every time a player joins this error happens:
[Steam Checks] Error while contacting the SteamAPI. Error: SteamID: 765614747545 - Function: GetPlayerBans - ErrorCode: InternalError.
(the SteamID number is just an example)
Other times I get the same message but with: ErrorCode: 504

Already checked this on console: perm steamchecks.skip
Console's Answer:
Permission 'steamchecks.skip' Players:
No players with this permission
Permission 'steamchecks.skip' Groups:
No groups with this permission

I use the PermissionManager plugin, so it was also easy to check that steamchecks.skip isn't been granted to no one.

Already removed both: SteamChecks.cs and config SteamChecks.json files (from their respective folders).
Downloaded again fromΒ
Loaded once to get a new config SteamChecks.json file.
Got the obvious: [Steam Checks] The API key you supplied in the config is empty.. register one here
Added my valid API Key that I'm also using with the SkinBox plugin and it's working perfectly.
Loaded the plugin again.
Got the duplicate permission message from the console: Duplicate permission registered 'steamchecks.skip' (by plugin 'Steam Checks')

This is my config file:
"AdditionalKickMessage": "",
"ApiKey": "",
"BroadcastKick": false,
"CacheDeniedPlayers": false,
"CachePassedPlayers": true,
"CheckPlayersOnRespawn": false,
"DiscordRolesToMention": [],
"discordWebHookUrl": "",
"Kicking": {
"CommunityBan": true,
"TradeBan": true,
"PrivateProfile": false,
"LimitedAccount": false,
"NoProfile": false,
"FamilyShare": false,
"ForceHoursPlayedKick": false
"LogInsteadofKick": false,
"Thresholds": {
"MaxVACBans": 0,
"MinDaysSinceLastBan": -1,
"MaxGameBans": 0,
"MinSteamLevel": -1,
"MaxAccountCreationTime": -1,
"MinGameCount": -1,
"MinRustHoursPlayed": -1,
"MaxRustHoursPlayed": -1,
"MinOtherGamesPlayed": -1,
"MinAllGamesHoursPlayed": -1

Please, any help you can provide will be highly appreciated.

I will look into this.

This last few days the ErrorCodeΒ I'm getting is: ErrorCode: Forbidden. πŸ˜•