Chat command not workingNot An Issue

It's not working for me either. When I type the command for the Store in chat it says "unknown command". When I type "o.reload ServerRewards" in Rcon it says "

o.reload Server Rewards

"Could not load plugin 'Server' (no plugin found with that file name)

Could not load plugin 'Rewards' (no plugin found with that file name)"

Typing "o.plugins" shows the plugin in the list " "Server Rewards" (0.4.73) by k1lly0u (1.51s) - ServerRewards.cs".

Your issue is definitely not the same as the post where you posted. I've split your thread as a result.

To start with, plugins are generally loaded automatically when placed in oxide/plugins. Secondly, when using commands to load/reload/unload, you'd use the EXACT filename; no spaces.

Lastly, what exactly didn't work in chat? What was your usage? Any errors in your oxide/logs?

Wow! I'm surprised I made the rookie mistake with the space, I was preoccupied with RustEdit at the time. The issue was with the Store, I just logged in and it's working again. I have no idea what caused it to not open. I will look into it though.