Rust:IO is not presentNot An Issue

Am trying to install rust:io clans but it keep saying this as i add the plugin

[Rust:IO Clans] Rust:IO is not present. You need to install Rust:IO first in order to use this plugin!

I don't understand why i need to download this?

I saw your reply to another guy a year ago saying

Just disable the Rust:IO setting in the configuration under oxide/config if you do not want to use that with it."

but i can't find it please help.

This plugin uses the Rust:IO extension, which is only on

Wulf, the first time i added it it worked perfectly and i didn't have rust:io
i deleted it by mistake and redownloaded and this error shows up now

I downloaded after that Rust:io and added into foldor RustDedicated_Data/Managed but still it's not working kindly help me

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