Teleportpos 0 0 0

So after the recent wipe i went down to 0 0 0 and killed the locks and stuff with an ent kill bind on my mousewheel - counted them in the error logs and it was about 2500 locks since wipe.Β 

If this plugin kills them all in one swoop, even easier. There is easily 200,000 locks under the map by the end of a monthly wipe.Β 

Yes this will remove them all with one command.. code locks not inside a TC range at least. You can change the remove switch to count.


Addressing a few things in this thread.

  • The RHIB storage and fuel can are a vanilla Rust issue. They will move to 0 0 0 when a Cargo Ship RHIB is on the map and the server restarts. This happens because that particular RHIB has saving disabled but it's child entities do not, so restarting the server will delete the RHIB; its child entities which are saved have nowhere to go so they end up near 0 0 0.
  • The chairs are also a vanilla Rust issue. They are parented to some dwellings in the underground tunnels. When the sever restarts, those dwellings are deleted, but their children are not, so they and up near 0 0 0.
  • Backpack coffins being below the map is an intended feature of the plugin and should cause no issues. Don't delete them or players will lose items.
  • Any other entities near 0 0 0 are almost 100% guaranteed to be placed there by plugins by poor design or by mistake.
  • Someone recently attributed the code lock spam to the Raidable Bases plugin, so I suggest doing some experiments on a test server to see if you can correlate that plugin with the symptom. If you can, get in touch with Nivex so he can try to reproduce the problem and prioritize fixing it.

Would anyone be able to tell me the name if the Red Fuel container for the RHIB? I might be able to keep 0 0 0 clean finally :)

Thank you so much WhiteThunder for the clarity in these items. They drove me nuts for ages.

Appreciate the context WhiteThunder - super helpful. πŸ˜‡

I filed a bug with FP.. well several actually, going back repelatedly over a year and they do nothing...
Anyone thinking about "ent kill" is wasting thier time,
they will just keep coming back and in some caases you might need to issueΒ  hundreds of "ent kill" to fully clean a single item, since they stack.

Also having this issue now for around 8 months, and using the object remove tool did nothing to remove them. Any player that comes within about 80m of it will instantly drop down to around 1-2 FPS if not LOWER than this too.Β 


Really sad there doesn't seem to be any solutions for this out there and facepunch doesn't seem to care 1 bit about fixing this. Curious why this happens on some servers and not others though.....

Well, the code locks stack up due to a bunk plugin you have running - you should go down there and ent kill them once a day - i used to do this to help performance on the server and some days it was 500 locks to ent kill, waiting a few more days put it over a thousand but they do go away when you ent kill them.Β 

you could do what i did and map the mousewheelup to "ent kill" and just scroll your troubles away as the remove tool does not affect these as they were not player placed.


Funny you said that.. I upgraded my server and gaming rig both... same results... /remove admin, /remove said "entity too far or dont exist..."

ent kill never did anything besides work on a few chairs.

The only thing I found to work on removing the codelocks is use object remover plugin...

hit f1
object lock.code action remove radius 0 inside false

This is way faster then ent killing.

I think you will find that it is dependant on the map, that's why all servers dont see it, and also where/how high the land is at 0,0,0

But It seems like some work has been done on it, since the bear & deer sounds no longer appear at this location.