Rust item and skin lists
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I was referring to querying Steam via the game server rather than scraping their website.

Ah yes, that makes more sense. But yes, I'm aware that most of the skins currently listed on that site are extremely hard to integrate into any skin plugin due to the lack of ID information, item information, etc. I'll be registering a domain name and putting it up on AWS sometime once the scraping is complete. At the rate that i'm going, it will take around 36 hours to full scrape the site, and another week or so to make sure all the skins are valid and actually work in-game. This will be a long process, but I am also grabbing the Author information and their profile link as a part of the scraping to make sure that credit is given where credit is due.

Whats extremely difficult, well, not extremely but definitely challenging is every once in a while going back and making sure that the skin itself is still on the steam workshop page. For whatever reason, sometimes the skin is taken down by the author, or is taken down by steam itself, which I'll have to write a script for that loops through and adds new, and deletes old/outdated skins from the database.

This is a huge project, and hopefully it will help server owners be able to find the information they are looking for easier, and without hassle. I'm currently working on compatibility for the free Skins plugin listed here on this site, but will after the project is complete and ready to be realeased, add support for SkinBox (the paid plugin).

Rest assured, that I will never release any skin that is paid as a part of this project. The main question I have is this. Maybe you can shed some light on this. If an author releases the skin on the steam workshop, is there ever a case where the skin is a paid skin even if its listed on that workshop page? I assume the answer is no, but if it is yes, then i'll have to add a way for authors to request a DMCA takedown on the project for that particular skin. Again, the purpose of the project is to allow server owners to pick and choose the skins they want and grab the information they need easily. (Skin add commands, skinbox add command, skin ID, author name, other skins made by the same author, etc. etc.)

Possible you could update? :)

Can we get an skin update?  There are 45 Assault Rifles alone that have been released since this list was last updated.

Hi, does someone have a list of the Twitch Drop skin ID's. They are not included in the list saddly.