Medieval Rust - Siege Mechanics

As the Rust community thrives on innovation and strategic gameplay, introducing medieval siege weaponry presents an opportunity to diversify combat strategies, enrich the early to mid-game loot cycle, and offer new defensive and offensive dynamics. Our aim is to integrate a series of medieval weapons, armors, and defensive structures that are balanced, engaging, and seamlessly blend with Rust's survival and base-building ethos. Here's a breakdown;

Budget and Contact Information:

Budget: $250 USD
Contact: Reach out on uMod as "therustingdead", on Discord at "therustingdeadadmin", or join our community at for discussions and updates.


Trebuchets and Catapults: For long-range base attacks, requiring teamwork to operate efficiently. Uses large stones or fire pots as ammunition.

Ballistae: Medium-range, precise, bolt-firing siege engines ideal for targeting specific parts of enemy bases or defending against approaching siege weapons.

Battering Rams: Enable gate or weak point breaches in base raids, demanding coordinated team effort to use effectively.


Chainmail Armor: Offers moderate protection against melee attacks and low protection against arrows, balancing out the effectiveness of new and old weapons.

Leather Gambeson: Light armor that provides increased mobility and some protection, ideal for siege engine operators or archers.

Wooden Palisades: Simple to construct and effective against melee attacks but vulnerable to siege engines and fire.

Tar Buckets: Can be installed on top of structures to pour down on attackers, causing fire damage and slowing movement. A feasible alternative to moats given Rust's terrain limitations.

Stone Fortifications: Upgrade options for base walls, adding resistance against siege weapons but at a higher resource cost.

-- Considerations --

Blueprints and Research: Siege weapons and defenses become more common finds, extending the early to mid-game loot cycle. Players must research and gather resources to construct these items, offering a new layer of strategic depth.

Balancing: While powerful, siege weapons are balanced by their resource cost, preparation time, and counterability through defensive structures or tactics, ensuring they enrich rather than disrupt gameplay.