Doors and windows decaying

Thank you for the great work in this pluging Sir!
Actually, I see doors and windows decaying. Other entities are ok. this is my configuration. Anything that I am wrongly making?

"General": {
"Disable decay for all entities": false,
"Exclude \"Other Multipliers\"": false,
"Use permission": true,
"Decay if there is no owner (and perms enabled)": false,
"Permission": "nodecay.use",
"Output": {
"Output to server console": false,
"Log to file": true,
"Log file name": "NoDecay-Log"
"Cupboard Settings": {
"Disable No Decay if resources placed in TC": false,
"Require Tool Cupboard": false,
"Any authed on TC": false,
"Cupboard Range": 30.0,
"Block cupboard wood": false,
"Block cupboard stone": false,
"Block cupbard metal": false,
"Block cupboard high quality": false
"Building grade multipliers": {
"Twig multiplier": 0.0,
"Wood multiplier": 0.0,
"Stone multiplier": 0.0,
"Sheet Metal multiplier": 0.0,
"Armoured multiplier": 0.0
"Other multipliers": {}

My guess is "Disable decay for all entities": false, needs to be set to true. I had the same issue today, changed that and it SEEMS to be working.