Does this no decay still work?

I have TC range to 60 and still the default range.  I also changed decay on twig to 10 for faster decay and nothing.  I have permission to false and still decay is default.

"General": {
"Disable decay for all entities": false,
"Exclude "Other Multipliers"": false,
"Use permission": false,
"Decay if there is no owner (and perms enabled)": false,
"Permission": "nodecay.use",
"Output": {
"Output to server console": false,
"Log to file": true,
"Log file name": "NoDecay-Log"
"Cupboard Settings": {
"Disable No Decay if resources placed in TC": false,
"Require Tool Cupboard": true,
"Any authed on TC": false,
"Cupboard Range": 60.0,
"Block cupboard wood": false,
"Block cupboard stone": false,
"Block cupbard metal": false,
"Block cupboard high quality": false
"Building grade multipliers": {
"Twig multiplier": 10.0,
"Wood multiplier": 1.0,
"Stone multiplier": 1.0,
"Sheet Metal multiplier": 1.0,
"Armoured multiplier": 1.0
"Other multipliers": {}

This plugin won't scale the speed at which things take decay damage, it just scales the amount of damage done when they do decay. You may have to play with some convars to achieve what you're looking for.