NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage makes huge lag spikes or rollbacks
So since the last forced wipe on july 4th 2019, this plugin do a huge amount of lag.
[NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage took 43.1143 ms to execute
Everytime this plugin do a check up my servers get a huge load of lag spike, to a point of making rollbacks for more than 1 minutes.
Do this is related to a bug since the last patch or the server have too much houses?
Plugin Developer
My money is on the number of buildings/entities.  Also, 43ms is pretty good, I would think.  I have seen much higher but still without much impact.

| [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage took 18.5546 ms to execute

Is there a way to find out what is damaging here?

Plugin Developer
Hope to release a tweak version tomorrow that will let you see that.  In the meantime you could set "outputToRcon": true and see what you get.

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The entity_name has been added to the debug output if the check takes more than 10ms (as before).  1.0.39 or greater.

"NoDecay" (1.0.37) by RFC1920 (465.44s) - NoDecay.cs


The plugin for 12 hours of server operation greatly loads the server.

How is it possible to optimize?

[Info] [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage took 33.9091 ms to execute.


Plugin Developer
Please update to 1.0.39 and let me know if it is any better.