(Need Help) Can't seem to track Zombie/Scarecrow kills!


I have a server where we use the NightZombies plugin. I have economics and rustrewards as well. It's setup in a way where players can kill certain NPCs and gain economics currency. I've noticed that when the zombies spawn and are killed, nobody was getting any currency. However, if I changed the time to day, for example 10.00 AM, and kill zombies right before they despawn, I do get the kill count and currency!

I also noticed that during the night, zombies all have unique random numbers as a name. All of them have the same numbers as the name till they despawn. Once it's night again and new zombies spawn, they all have a new unique numbercombination, but all have the same one again.

I checked the zombies that I quickly killed right after I made it day-time, those zombies all had the name 'Scarecrow', which the other plugins recognized probably.

Is there any way to make it that all spawning zombies have the name Scarecrow so that this could be fixed or am I missing something else that's possibly wrong?