Log output to console set to true prevents RustAdmin to work correctly

We've found that settings Log output to console (true/false)": true prevents RustAdmin from using the RCON properly. The websocket connects fine but then the commands such as playerlist never respond.

Do you see any particular reason why it would do this?

Thank you.
The RCON client expects a certain format I'm assuming.
You mean this plugin changes what is sent through the RCON? I mean it replaces it not just sending other data?
No, it only logs to console and replies via the methods that Oxide provides. If your rcon client expects certain replies, you should exclude the commands for those.
Ok thank you for your answers

I realize that this thread is old but I wanted to post more specific information related to this issue that might be helpful to others.

After a fresh install of both the Logger plugin and RustAdmin:

  • RustAdmin's Players tab failed to show any info
  • RustAdmin's player count was incorrect showing 9426428/-2147483077
  • A player object array was appearing in console every few seconds.
To prevent these issues, blacklist the following commands in the Logger config file:
  • global.serverinfo
  • global.playerlist