More granular log rotationSuggestion
Possible to get something like an horly log file rotation implemented?  I understand the optimization issues but on a hevaily modded server like mine this plugin kills my server fps after about 12 hours of runtime.  After reading through the other threads here seems like this issue may be linked to the size of the log file?  Perhaps doing something like allowing an hourly logfile rotation instead of daily might be a workaround?
It will be something that is improved on once uMod is released.

I see you have an option to clean the log files every day, but no option to set a custom amount of days to keep. For example, I'd like to keep the last 7 days of logs files and just keep recycling those 7 days. PLEASE ADD this

Willing to pitch in a few bucks if that helps to get this added, let me know 

Not likely to add this with the plugin for Oxide, but there will be log rotation in uMod natively.