Demolish timer

Harro! First off, love this magical plug-in, it's amazing! 


I don't do any programming so please forgive a girl if what I am suggesting isn't possible, I just figured it doesn't hurt to ask and aswell I figured you wanted to hear these things since you said we shouldn't need multiple plug-ins kinda thing :) 

So I am wondering if there is a possibilty to add a feature that disables the demolish/rotation timer like the "hammer-time" plug-in does? I now have 3 plug-ins going on for building XD Yours, hammer-time so players can remove their own builds when ever and then that one doesn't work inside my "safe zone" because the indestructable flag on Zone manager stops that one from working so I need /remove plug-in for them to use inside the PvE/RP area 😂 It's a mess, I know, but yeah, doesn't hurt to ask you if this can be added to yours or not, at least that way I would only have 2 plug-ins to deal with 💩

I think my other plugin Building Actions allows you to always/never demolish/rotate things?