Quickly upgrade your base with a hammer

Supported Games

Do you also hate that right clicking and left clicking thing, when upgrade base from TWIGS to STONE? Well, no more.

This plugin get rid of that, so you only need to RIGHT CLICK and upgrade 1 wall, and it switches to upgrade mode, then you can simply keep left clicking on all walls, and it automatically upgrades them to tier which you've chosen manually. If you want to switch to default hammer mode, you must just left click same tier (or higher) wall again. It still requires materials though, so it can't be abused.


  • enhancedhammer.use -- Allows player to use the /eh chat command (if permissions enabled)

Chat Commands

  • /eh [show/hide] -- Hide or shows current hammer state as ICON
  • /eh [enable/disable] -- Enable or disables plugin's functionality for user who has typed this command
  • /eh help -- Display a list of all commands for Enhanced Hammer
  • /eh timer [0/seconds]-- Change time in which hammer goes back to default mode
  • /eh msgs [show/hide] -- Show messages in chat about hammer state


  "Icons": {
    "iconMetal": "http://i.imgur.com/fVjzbag.png",
    "iconRepair": "http://i.imgur.com/Nq6DNSX.png",
    "iconStone": "http://i.imgur.com/S7Sl9oh.png",
    "iconTopTier": "http://i.imgur.com/f0WklR3.png",
    "iconWood": "http://i.imgur.com/F4XBBhY.png"
  "Permission": {
    "enablePermission": false,
    "permissionName": "enhancedhammer.use"
  "Settings": {
    "defaultDisableTimer": 30,
    "hammerHitRange": 3.0,
    "pluginPrefix": "<color=orange>Enhanced Hammer:</color> ",
    "UIAnchorMax": "0.34 0.13",
    "UIAnchorMin": "0.32 0.09"


  • Visagalis, the original author of this plugin

    For Server Owners:

    Do not use unlicensed code because an unlicensed plugin is dangerous to your server's feature availability.

    For Developers:

    Do not integrate with unlicensed code as it is possible your integrations will break permanently without recourse.


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