Generator goes back to default values after server restart

I've made a custom fix for it, if FastBurst is interested.

The issue lays within Rust itself, had to set-up a method to refresh the modifications post server boot.


If the global setting is true, all gens would get modified at server boot. (Ignores the permission system entirely!)

Which is not what we are after, has we only wanted those who have the permission to be able to place the boosted generators. Sadly, if the server restarted, you'd have to pick-up and place back down the generators to refresh the modification.

So I have this issue also on my server. VIP's get 400 and normal get 100. 

So what I have to do is pickup and put the generator back down and then it shows to be 400 at that point. 
Only once I pick it up and put it back down after restart. 
I have also just restarted the mod and it doesn't correct the issue. 

  "Electric Generator": {
    "Setting for all World": false
  "Electric Generator Attributes": {
    "Amount of electricity (100 by default)": 400.0
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0


Merged post

I am also goign to test with the old version to see if issues happens.  But the mine was doing it and had to be picked up and put back down to get the 400 back. 

@Vortox14 - are you able to share your fix?   This is a problem for me as well.  Thanks

Since I haven't gotten a reply back from FastBurst, I'll paste a link  with the custom update.

This update should fix the issues in regards to server restarts resetting the generators, by tweaking the generators on plugin load as-well has when their placed. Users who don't have the permission will not have theirs modified.


It doesn't reset them on plugin unload or perm lost/removal though, so you'll still have to either pick them up and set them back down or restart the server to reset them back to default.

I've since lost the Rust Spirit I won't likely do an update to address that.

Custom Update to ElectricGeneratorTweak



Thanks to Fastburst for the original plugin, hope he doesn't mind the link to the custom update....

Thanks to ColonBlow for indirectly helping, has I used their QauntumBattery plugin has a guide. (Particularly the way to grab a entity within Unity. To which FastBurst had too, but since this is technically my first ever project, I didn't notice that till after I skimmed through Quantum Battery for references. I skimmed Quantum Battery because it didn't have the issue this custom update addresses. (No, I didn't actually talk with them, but Credit is to be given regardless.))

And thanks to Wulf, the uMod staff and everyone else who helped to make the uMod plugin making guides. (Specifically the TriggerEvents section.)

Again, the work itself was done by me but the code itself is snippets of other coders work with alterations to handle what this plugin is for.

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  at IOEntity.UpdateFromInput (System.Int32 inputAmount, System.Int32 inputSlot) [0x0001b] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0 
  at ElectricGenerator.UpdateOutputs () [0x0003b] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0 
  at IOEntity.ProcessQueue () [0x00039] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0 
  at ServerMgr.Update () [0x0027b] in <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41>:0 
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception, Object)
(Filename: <32dc9dfab36748728a319b6b3ccd8f41> Line: 0)

Been a long time, but I finally got around to update the custom update a little more. One issue to expect, the config file got reset during the automated config update process.

The details of what's new:

Added OnPermission calls to uMod. As such, the plugin will now automatically update all generators belonging to the player to the proper value on permission gain/loss respectively.

A delay to the generator reset was implemented to keep players from experiencing issues if they don't maintain the permission, by default, players will have 1 hour to re-acquire the permission, else the generators will reset to default.

Added a new config setting so you can customize the grace period before the generators for the player are reset to default.

You can download the new custom update from my previous post.


Thanks for the update but using other plugin for manage this ^^