Disconnecting players keep their authenticated roleSolved

I had a player log into my Discord server today. He authenticated and then he left. I checked the Rust server and even though he left the Discord server, he still had the Authenticated role in the Rust server.

I have this setting: "Revoke Oxide Group on Discord Leave": true,

So, the way I understand it, this player should lose their authenticated role on the Rust server when they leave. I previously asked about this in another thread (https://umod.org/community/discord-auth/39511-question-about-deauth) and I had said I had no way to test it, well now I have seen first hand that the player stays in the authenticated Oxide group after leaving Discord. I would like any players that are not connected to the Discord server to have their Authenticated role revolked.

Anyone? *crickets*

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I'm not familiar with the plugin, but looking over it...

Do you have "Deauthenticate on Discord Leave" set to true too?

Do you have any plugins that use the OnDeauthenticate hook from the plugin?

I do have that set to true and I have no idea if any of my plugins use that hook.

Just bumping this up. Outsmoke said in Discord that he doesn't care about this issue because the plug in still works (well, it works 50%).

Is there anyone with enough coding knowledge to fix this? Discord auth is a necessary feature of my server and I really want anyone that leaves my Discord after authing to be removed from the authenticated oxide group.

Just bumping this up. I'd love to see this work properly and remove the authenticated role when someone leaved Discord!

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I saw there was an update and was excited that maybe this feature was fixed but I guess not? 

I've submitted a patch (80078) that should fix this.

This has been fixed in version 1.3.0

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