Backpacks are adding entities to server at critical rates
Since backack update and latest rust updates this month both of my modded servers reached critical entities within 1 week of running.

This is highly unusual as those servers normally run month long without reaching 200,000 entities, yet after 1 week they both were at 280K +.

I removed mods one at a time and monitored rcon for 15mins in between until i got to backpacks.
Once i removed backpacks the entities stopped growing.

I have since wiped both maps and its been 2 days , all signs are normal and stable without backpacks mod on them.

Players really like this mod, but i cannot figure out why backpacks are causing entities to grow at such alarming rates.

For now i will have to keep them off the servers until fixed.

Other servers i built for that use the older version of backpacks dont have this problem.
I'm wondering was it something about this last update of backpacks thats caused all this?

Any help is appreciated.
Just to make sure... You are using v3.0.2 ?
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Just to make sure... You are using v3.0.2 ?
yes 3.0.2 the one that add functions to wipe data on map change etc. latest update.

Previously the backpacks caused no issues.
And your versions are up to date ?

(11:12:38) | Protocol: 2155.176.1

Build Date: 03/15/2019 05:08:39

Unity Version: 2018.3.3f1

Changeset: 33119

Branch: release

Oxide.Rust Version: 2.0.4174

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I just checked my entity "growth" and it is normal
(10:38:21) | Saved 76,889 ents, cache(0.07), write(0.02), disk(0.01).
(15:48:25) | Saved 81,283 ents, cache(0.08), write(0.02), disk(0.01).

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(19:08:28) | Saved 81,159 ents, cache(0.08), write(0.03), disk(0.00).

im having the same issue as well , mine are in the 195k range ...
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im having the same issue as well , mine are in the 195k range ...
i've removed backpacks and servers are stable, ive posted issues in backpack support but no answer as of yet.

Definetly a conflict with the backpacks somewhere causing huge numbers of entities to grow by the hour.
I am running 57 plugins including this one and cant figure out which one would cause this to happen, my entities are still increasing slowly (normal rate) and are now at:

(17:55:50) | Saved 103,816 ents, cache(0.11), write(0.03), disk(0.01).

(17:55:50) | Saving complete
They should reach the 150thou mark just before the next wipe in two weeks.

By any chance are you running a "creative" server where you and your players can spawn items ? or a server with massive craft and gather rates ?