Backpack inventoryafter wipe

First off,Thank you for the plugin, everyone loves it.
My issue is during the wipe I have all 7 rows open in the backpack,but then 2 days before the wipe I make the backpack 1 row so the players don't carry over to much stuff, After the wipe and the new map is up I go back in and set the rows to 7 again, well players have figured out if they fill all 7 rows before I change them to 1 row, when the backpack is set to 7 again on the new wipe, all rows are full as long as they dont open the backpack before the new wipe.Not sure if theres any way to fix that but I thought I would ask, thanks

Only thing i can think of is to wait a day after the wipe before updating the backpack rows that way most of the players would have already started to use the backpack.
I rather think it would be a bit of a surprise when they discover the lack of rows  :)

It sounds like what you need is a way to automatically change player permissions or plugin configuration at wipe. Both are possible to do with plugins since plugins can detect when a wipe happens (they do this by detecting the first time a save is created). The Auto Commands plugin appears to have this capability already. You could use it to invoke the DynamicConfig plugin to update the Backpacks config with a config you predefined, or use it to run commands to revoke the 7-rows permission.