Doesnt drop on deathSolved

doesnt drop on death

Check if you granted the keepondeath permission, since that is designed to prevent drop on death.

i have that off and drop on death as true and ppls backs are still there after they die , they dont loose there bags

Can you paste your config? Also, do you have any other plugins which might conflict? Some will explicitly block the backpack dropping via a hook. I don't know off the top of my head which plugins will do that, but probably things related to PvE.

"Drop on Death (true/false)": true,
"Erase on Death (true/false)": false,
"Clear Backpacks on Map-Wipe (true/false)": true,
"Only Save Backpacks on Server-Save (true/false)": false,
"Use Blacklist (true/false)": false,
"Blacklisted Items (Item Shortnames)": [
"Use Whitelist (true/false)": false,
"Whitelisted Items (Item Shortnames)": [],
"Minimum Despawn Time (Seconds)": 300.0,
"GUI Button": {
"Image": "",
"Background color (RGBA format)": "1 0.96 0.88 0.15",
"GUI Button Position": {
"Anchors Min": "0.5 0.0",
"Anchors Max": "0.5 0.0",
"Offsets Min": "185 18",
"Offsets Max": "245 78"
"Softcore": {
"Reclaim Fraction": 0.5
"Backpack Size (1-7 Rows)": 1

Config is correct and valid JSON, so whatever is causing your issue, it's either the keepondeath permission or another plugin. Nobody else has reported this so it seems to be an issue on your side.

If you want to verify you don't have any inherited permissions, there are some permissions manager type plugins which can clearly show you whether you are inheriting a permission from any of the groups you are in.

If you want a directional indicator of which plugin might be causing this, you can search the contents of your plugins folder for "CanDropBackpack". Any plugin using that hook could possibly be preventing the backpack from dropping in certain circumstances, such as while the player is participating in an event.

Anyone else having the backpack drop on death since the latest Rust update?

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