Customize/install/remove/switch vehicle attachments

Supported Games

Vehicle Manager allows players to customize their claimed vehicle by installing, removing or switching vehicle attachments.

What are vehicle attachments? They are the car parts like roof, side panels, rear, front and bumper.


  • Install vehicle attachments in a vehicle
  • Remove vehicle attachments from a vehicle
  • Switch vehicle attachments of a vehicle


  • vehiclemanager.use -- Allows player to use the general functionality
  • vehiclemanager.install -- Allows player to install and switch vehicle attachments
  • vehiclemanager.remove -- Allows player to remove vehicle attachments
  • vehiclemanager.remove.extra -- Allows player to remove gearbox|engine|tire|rotors

Chat Commands

  • /car -- Show distance between player and claimed vehicle
  • /car help -- Display all clan commands available
  • /car install <1-8> -- Install new attachment from quick slot 1-8
  • /car remove <attach> -- Remove bumper|front|left|right|roof|rear
  • /car remove <attach> -- Remove gearbox|gear|engine|tire|wheel|rotors


  1. h is a synonym for help.
  2. gear is a synonym for gearbox
  3. wheel is a synonym for tires
  4. rotor is a synonym for rotors
  5. To install/remove vehicle attachments and remove gearbox|engine|tire|rotors the player needs to have the correct permissions.


  "ShowDistanceCommand": true

ShowDistanceCommand Allow to enable|disable the [/car] command, to show the distance between the player and the claimed car.


    "Help_AvailableCommands": "Available vehicle commands:",
    "Help_CarDistance": "<color=orange>/car</color>: Show distance between you and your claimed vehicles.",
    "Help_Install": "<color=orange>/car install <1-8></color>: Install new attachment from quick slot 1-8.",
    "Help_Remove": "<color=orange>/car remove <attach></color>: Remove bumper|front|left|right|roof|rear.",
    "Help_RemoveExtra": "<color=orange>/car remove <attach></color>: Remove gearbox|engine|tire|rotors.",
    "NoPermission": "You don't have the permission to use this command. Required: {permission}",
    "VehicleDistanceDisabled": "This command is disabled.",
    "VehicleDistance": "You have a {vehicle} {distance} away from you.",
    "HelpCommand": "Type /car help for proper commands usage.",
    "NoAttachmentFound": "There is no vehicle attachment in slot {slot}.",
    "RemoveAttachmentError": "The vehicle doesn't have a {attachment} to remove.",
    "RemoveSeatError": "The {seat} is occupied. Remove failed.",
    "NoVehicleClaimed": "You don't have a claimed vehicle.",
    "NotInsideVehicle": "You are not inside a vehicle.",
    "NotVehicleOwner": "You are not the owner of this vehicle.",
    "NotVehicleAttachment": "You are not installing a vehicle attachment.",
    "VehicleAttachmentAlreadyInstalled": "{attachment} already installed on this vehicle!",
    "VehicleInstall": "You have installed {attachInstalled}.",
    "VehicleSwitch": "You have switched {attachSwitched} to {attachInstalled}.",
    "VehicleRemove": "You have removed {attachRemoved}.",
    "VehicleRemoveAll": "You have removed everything from {vehicleType}.",
    "vehicles/barra": "Barra",
    "vehicles/roach": "Roach",
    "vehicles/goat": "Goat",
    "vehicles/kanga": "Kanga",
    "vehicles/slug": "Slug",
    "vehicles/mozzy": "Mozzy"


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