Players can steal money, points, and/or items from other players

Supported Games

Robbery allows players to steal money, points, and/or items from other players by pickpocketing (sneaking from behind with use key) or mugging them (attacking from any direction.)

The percent of money that can be stolen is customizable and based on if the victim is awake or sleeping. Items are stolen one random slot at a time, with the entire item stack being stolen if there is an item in the randomly selected slot.

This plugin also supports Zone Manager/Event Manager, whereas it will disable robbery if the victim is in an event or a zone where they have the "noplayerloot" flag.

Both Friends API and Rust:IO Friends are supported, so if the target victim has the attacker as a friend, they can't be robbed. The same applies to the Clans, Rust:IO Clans, and Factions plugins.


  • Clans (optional)
  • Event Manager (optional)
  • Factions (optional)
  • Friends API (optional)
  • Rust:IO (optional)
  • Rust:IO Clans (optional)
  • Server Rewards (optional)
  • UEconomics (optional)
  • Zone Manager (optional)


  • robbery.killing -- Allows stealing by killing another player
  • robbery.mugging -- Allows stealing by attacking from any direction
  • robbery.pickpocket -- Allows stealing by stealth, behind victim and use key
  • -- Protects players from being mugged or pickpocketed


  "Allow item stealing (true/false)": true,
  "Allow money stealing (true/false)": true,
  "Allow point stealing (true/false)": true,
  "Clan protection (true/false)": false,
  "Friend protection (true/false)": false,
  "Maximum chance of stealing an item (0 - 100)": 25,
  "Maximum chance of stealing money (0 - 100)": 50,
  "Maximum chance of stealing points (0 - 100)": 50,
  "Usage cooldown (seconds, 0 to disable)": 30



  • TheRotAG, for the original RotAG-Roubo plugin in Lua

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