Restores player inventories on death and removes the items from their corpse

Supported Games

Saves items from a players inventory when they die and restores them when they respawn. These items are removed from the player's corpse to prevent item duplication.


All permissions are linked to a loss percentage profile. By default, players will not have any permission to use this plugin. You will need to grant one of the permissions provided or create your own.

When creating a new permission, name it must begin with "restoreupondeath."

When creating a new permission, the profile must contain all 3 container types.


"Give default items upon respawn if the players is having items restored" - This will remove the default items (Rock and Torch) when a player respawns if they have items waiting to be restored

"Can drop active item on death" - Setting this to false will prevent the player from dropping the item in their hands when they die

"Percentage of total items lost (Permission Name | Percentage)" - This is a list of permissions and the loss percentage associated with it.For each permission you can customise the percentage of loss for each container type. For example, if you only want the players to keep items on their belt you would specify a loss percentage of 0 to the belt container, and 100 for the other containers as demonstrated in the "restoreupondeath.beltonly" permission.

Setting a loss value to 0 will result in no items lost, and setting a loss value to 100 will result in 100% of items lost.

  "Give default items upon respawn if the players is having items restored": false,
  "Can drop active item on death": false,
  "Percentage of total items lost (Permission Name | Percentage)": {
    "restoreupondeath.default": {
      "Belt": 75.0,
      "Wear": 75.0,
      "Main": 75.0
    "restoreupondeath.beltonly": {
      "Belt": 0.0,
      "Wear": 100.0,
      "Main": 100.0
    "restoreupondeath.admin": {
      "Belt": 0.0,
      "Wear": 0.0,
      "Main": 0.0
  "Version": {
    "Major": 0,
    "Minor": 2,
    "Patch": 0

    For Server Owners:

    Do not use unlicensed code because an unlicensed plugin is dangerous to your server's feature availability.

    For Developers:

    Do not integrate with unlicensed code as it is possible your integrations will break permanently without recourse.

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