Returns the ability to craft quarries back

Supported Games

Firstly I wanted to allow players research them, but there is a clientside problem - the client tells the player that he can't research it, so from the serverside it's impossible. We also can't add it to the crafting grid, as long as it's clientside.

Chat Commands

  • /quarry -- Start the crafting of the mining quarry if the player meats the requirements


  "Crafting price": {
    "wood": 10000,
    "metal.fragments": 1750,
    "cloth": 500
  "Workbench level required": 2,
  "Crafting time": 200.0,
  "Amount to create": 1,
  "Permission to craft": "quarrycraft.use",
  "Command to craft": "/quarry"

That's all cool, but ther is a problem I'm still looking for a way thro - at the end of the crafting client gets the NRE(much red text on the screen). It doesn't affect everything.

I don't think it's possible to get away from it somehow - I've spent 3 days searching thro the code.... But if someone would find a way - I would defenetly add it to the plugin.

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